heather chappell and vince peets

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Heather Chappell and guitarist Vince Peets have been composing, performing and recording together for over fifteen years.  

Accompanied by a plethora of pretty penny whistles, a romping red guitar and a purple accordion named Violet, this engaging duo has played at venues, festivals and on street corners from Southern Ontario to Northern Ireland.  

"Beautiful songs, songs that take you down the lonesome road, and songs that reach out arms of comfort as well."  - Colum Sands, host of  BBC Radio Ulster's "Folk Club"


Heather and Vince first performed together with The Woolgatherers, and recorded An Evening's Wages in 2002.  In 2007, they released The Moon a Bullethole, a collection of Heather's songs.


"Heather’s self-penned material is lyrically deep, emotional and intimate, often calling to mind the sweetness of a familiar Celtic ballad or the hush of a sacred Sunday hymn.  Many of  her songs are lyrical paintings, depicting the human condition in its various stages of struggle, joy and self-reflection." - Dawud Wharnsby, musician, poet, activist

Heather has appeared as a guest vocalist and pianist on Dawud Wharnsby’s  Blue Walls and The Big Sky and as a vocalist on Scarboro Aquarium Club’s Poisoned and Black Swan Days. 

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